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Our Control Panel
TMX uses Ensim PRO Control Panel software to manage all of our virtual hosting accounts. We chose Ensim Pro due to it's stability, industry-leading security, and overall ease of use.

Ensim PRO is the web hosting industry's only family of commercial-grade control panel software. Available exclusively on our Linux servers, Ensim hosting automation software includes all the tools and features our clients need to effortlessly administer all aspects of their hosting environment

Keeping Your Site Data Secure

Ensim Pro is the first and only control panel that prevents one customer from accessing the site content and data of another customer, maliciously or otherwise. Until now, shared hosting meant sharing customer content, with every site owner having access to every other site's data.

Ensim Pro protects each Web site in its own virtual private file system on an otherwise shared server, providing complete security for site content. Other control panel software provides Web site owners, via shell access or simple CGI scripts, unrestricted access to the content of every other site hosted on the server. This may include password-protected confidential and commercial content; customer, order and credit card numbers stored in files; and site visitor information.

Only Ensim Pro's security architecture prevents unauthorized access and theft, site reconfiguration and site down-time, while allowing a hosting provider to securely delegate remote access or scripting to customers.

Don't settle for anything less than this level of security for your web site..